Hongshang technology has always attached great imp

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Hongshang technology has always attached great importance to enterprise information construction

recently, Yanhuang Yingdong signed a contract with Shenzhen Hongshang Material Technology Co., Ltd. With the help of Yanhuang Yingdong AWS products, Hongshang technology will complete the construction of an office platform based on process management, laying the foundation for building a process enterprise

Shenzhen Hongshang Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, which is also the standard to judge the accuracy of spring testing machine. Its registered capital is 75 million yuan, and its plant area is 60000 square meters. Its products include high magnification single wall heat shrinkable tubes, double wall heat shrinkable tubes with glue, high temperature resistant heat shrinkable tubes, oil resistant heat shrinkable tubes, identification heat shrinkable tubes, medium thick wall protective sleeves, molded products connected to 3-phase 380V, 50Hz products, heat shrinkable power cable accessories A full range of products, such as cold shrinkable and resin encapsulated cable accessories, high-voltage busbar insulation pipes, have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world. It is widely used in many industries or fields such as electronics, electrical appliances, electric power, communication, automobile, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace, petrochemical, military industry, pipeline engineering, etc

Hongshang technology has always attached great importance to the construction of enterprise informatization in China's plastic machinery enterprise market. Previously, it deployed SAP ERP and other information systems to provide a lot of it support for enterprise business operation, basic data collection and analysis, and solved most of the application needs of enterprise operation for informatization. However, with the gradual expansion of the enterprise scale and business, the decentralized deployment of the original system gradually produces the phenomenon of information islands, resulting in the disjointed business processes of various departments, poor office communication, inaccurate and timely transmission and sharing of information, repeated entry of business data, etc., which brings a lot of workload to the maintenance and management of information systems. In the face of these problems, Hongshang technology urgently needs to build a process office system with good expansibility to open up the channels of the enterprise, so as to adhere to the setting of small peak value: users can establish a unified collaborative work platform within the enterprise according to the peak value. In July, 2010, after careful selection, no matter the design idea of AWS products based on BPM, MDA, SOA, J2EE and other platform technology architecture, or the characteristics of on-demand application, rapid development and flexible expansion, Hongshang technology has strengthened its determination to build an internal office system based on Yanhuang Yingdong AWS business process management platform. Hongshang science and technology office system phase I will complete the construction of basic office, the integration of existing information systems, and the sorting and optimization of internal management processes

the construction of collaborative office system based on BPM not only solves the current informatization dilemma of Hongshang technology, but also can meet the rapid response of enterprises to new needs in the development process, and help Hongshang technology complete the transformation to a process oriented and agile enterprise

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