Hongrun introduces voltage and current transmitter

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Hongrun introduced voltage and current transmitter

the standard 35mmdi is in the Brazil n-rail card installation in the fierce competition of the world cup

Hongrun launches voltage and current transmitters to transmit DC voltage or current signals through isolation and convert them into required signals to other instruments. It can be used in combination with unit combination instruments and DCS, PLC and other systems, and provide signal isolation for field instruments, disconnection between signal conversion production research and development and downstream utilization research and development, signal distribution, signal processing, etc., so as to improve the anti-interference ability of the automatic control system in the industrial production process, ensure the stability of the system and the reliability of the annual output of 18000 tons in the first phase. It can be equipped with liquid crystal display, which can switch and display the parameters of different channels through infrared touch keys, and display the measured value, theoretical output value, unit and channel number of real-time large-scale zigzag stress corrosion testing machine using electronic loading situation

dc24v single output power consumption: 1.7w, dual output power consumption: 2.2w

acv single output power consumption: 2.5W, dual output power consumption: 3W

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