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Key points for installation of hydraulic system components of construction machinery

in the hydraulic system of construction machinery, hydraulic components are the basic components to complete energy transmission. Be careful when installing

1. Hydraulic piping

(1) the oil pipe shall be selected according to the pressure and application occasion. The oil pipe must have sufficient strength, and the inner wall shall be smooth, clean, free of sand, rust and oxide skin. For the pipes stored for a long time, they shall be pickled, thoroughly cleaned, washed and inspected before processing

(2) when cutting the pipe with a saw, the non perpendicularity between the section and the axis direction shall be 0.5, the sharp edge shall be blunt and the iron filings shall be removed, and the ovality of the section is allowed to be 10% when processing the bent pipe. When its outer diameter is 14mm, it can be bent by hand and general tools. For thicker steel pipes, it can be bent by manual or motorized pipe bender. Generally, the bending radius shall be 3 times larger than the outer diameter of the pipe

(3) the requirements for pipeline installation are that the pipeline shall be the shortest, the turns shall be as few as possible, and the highest part of the pipeline shall be equipped with an exhaust device to facilitate air bleeding during startup

(4) when installing the rubber pipe, avoid sharp turning 3 In a vibration free environment;, Its bending radius R (9~l0 is still in the opportunity period of need strategy) d (D is the outer diameter of the hose). Do not bend near the root of the joint. The distance L 6D from the hose joint to the beginning of bending is required. The hose shall not be twisted during operation

(5) the oil suction pipe shall not leak air or have too much resistance to prevent cavitation due to difficult air intake or oil absorption

(6) the oil return pipe orifice must extend below the oil level of the oil tank to prevent splashing and bubbles. The oil return pipe of the overflow valve cannot be directly connected with the inlet of the pump, but must pass through the oil tank, otherwise the oil temperature will be too high

(7) the installation procedure of all pipelines shall be carried out in two times. First, the trial assembly shall be carried out, and the pipe joints and flanges shall be spot welded at appropriate positions. When all pipelines pass the trial assembly, they shall be removed for acid pickling before formal installation

2. Other hydraulic components

(1) all hydraulic components shall be subject to pressure and sealing tests, and can be installed only after passing the tests. Before installation, various automatic control instruments shall be calibrated to avoid mistakes

(2) what measures can safety workers take to maintain the tension machine? When installing various control valves, pay attention to the orientation of the oil inlet and return ports. When installing valves with flanges, the screws shall not be tightened too tightly, which may cause poor sealing

(3) the hydraulic cylinder shall be installed firmly and reliably. In order to prevent the influence of thermal expansion, one end of the cylinder must remain floating when the stroke is large and the temperature is high. The sealing ring of the hydraulic cylinder should not be too tight, especially the U-ring to avoid excessive resistance

(4) the deviation of different axial degrees between the hydraulic pump drive shaft and the motor drive shaft shall be less than M. generally, the flexible coupling is used for connection. It is not allowed to directly drive the pump shaft to rotate with adhesive tape, so as to prevent the pump shaft from being subjected to excessive radial force in China, which will affect the normal operation of the pump

(5) when installing the hydraulic pump, its rotation direction, oil inlet and outlet shall meet the technical requirements

(6) the oil suction height of various hydraulic pumps is generally less than 0.5mm

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