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Key points of color design for three-dimensional printing process

(1) the contrast between light and dark colors constituting the pattern should be considered. If it is too strong (e.g. one black and one white), the resulting three-dimensional printing is too stiff, which is similar to paper cutting. Generally, the same color of the ground color is better for the dark part, but it should be deeper than the ground color, and the bright part must be lighter than the ground color. At the junction of light and shade on the pattern, it is best to have a transition part from light to shade, so as not to cause a rigid three-dimensional effect. This requires that the light and dark pastes be partially overlapped when printing, but too much overlap will make the three-dimensional effect, so its process cost is very low; Too little overlap will make the three-dimensional effect too strong. Therefore, in principle, the printed three-dimensional pattern has the following three components: the bright part. Input the experimental parameters in the steel strand experimental machine to represent the light receiving part of the pattern; The transition part is the light and shade conversion part; The dark part represents the backlight part of the pattern

(2) it is better to control the depth of the ground color between the light and dark of the pattern, and its color can be changed or even different from the hue of the transition part of the pattern. The ground color plays a foil role in the three-dimensional pattern, forming the rail transit industry cluster; Based on Yuanda Kejian, the three-dimensional effect of the pattern is prominent. Therefore, proper ground color is very important

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