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Operating points of gravure printing in prepress control process control before printing in order to make the printing process smooth, plate making, color matching, proofing and other work must be effectively controlled before formal printing. Plate making design in plate making, it is necessary to modify the original design according to the characteristics of gravure printing to make it more suitable for printing needs

for the needs of overprinting, small lines and words cannot be overprinted in multiple colors. There should be no small anti white characters on the overprinted pattern, and it should not be left blank on the overprinted pattern and covered with other small words. The torsion mechanical properties of the intermediate materials of the black, blue, red and yellow plates should not be separated from other color plates as far as possible. For printing, the bar code shall be arranged so that the line direction is consistent with the circumferential direction of the cylinder. The color shall ensure the direction. If conditions permit, it is better to make plates separately for the large field background color and the hierarchical pattern version, and try to use a special version for the large field background color. The two color jump areas of 80% and 5% must be fully considered for plate hanging, and the limit of gradient hanging time point should be more than 10%

ink blending ink blending mainly includes two aspects: on the one hand, it refers to the adjustment of ink printing adaptability, such as the viscosity and concentration of the ink. The principle is to adjust the ink viscosity with diluent (solvent). Before printing, determine the ink viscosity according to the conditions of the plate roller and the machine. During the printing process, add solvent frequently according to the volatilization of the solvent to ensure that the ink viscosity remains unchanged as far as possible; When the ink is to be diluted, a diluent (ink blending oil) must be used

the other aspect of ink blending refers to the blending of ink color. In this respect, the following points should be paid attention to: the standard light source (D65) should be used as the light source for observing the color. If there is no standard light source, it is better to build the scaffold and fastener in the sunny north window (1). When preparing spot color, primary color ink shall be selected for blending, so that the brightness and saturation of ink color can be guaranteed. Use as few ink colors as possible for color matching. The more colors, the greater the color matching error, and the greater the difficulty of re color matching. Proofing: when a set of printing plates is put into printing, a standard sample must be confirmed. Some manufacturers take the proofing draft of the plate making factory as the standard sample, and the final printing and delivery cannot match the sample. Therefore, before printing, they must use the printing machine for proofing, and use it as the standard sample after confirmation by the customer or relevant personnel

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