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Key points for safe use of diesel generator set

green environmental protection is one of the requirements. 1

diesel generator set must be operated by personnel who are familiar with the unit structure and master the safety operation procedures New or newly overhauled diesel units shall undergo 60 hours of running in and necessary maintenance

before the new or long-term unused generator is put into normal operation, it must undergo strict inspection, mainly to check the winding insulation, wiring, etc. if there is any discrepancy, it must be handled

after the diesel engine is started, the speed shall be increased slowly. After checking and confirming that everything is in good condition, the no-load operation from low speed to rated speed can be carried out During no-load operation, the oil pressure, abnormal noise, excitation current, three-phase voltage change, etc. shall be checked. In case of any abnormality, the machine shall be shut down immediately for inspection Find out the situation before starting If everything is normal, it can be put into normal operation The operator shall closely monitor the changes of instruments on the control panel to see if they are within the allowable range and make corresponding adjustments

during operation, operators shall keep a safe distance from live equipment and wear labor protection equipment Attention shall be paid to the sequence of switching operation. In case of power failure, each branch switch shall be disconnected first, then the main switch shall be disconnected, and then the four pole double switch shall be used to switch the position of wide sample fixture During power transmission, the sequence is reversed During normal shutdown, part of the load shall be unloaded first, then the main switch shall be turned off, and finally the diesel engine shall be turned off. It is not allowed to cut off the main switch without pulling off the main switch, and the power shall be cut off automatically with the diesel engine flameout Routine inspection shall be conducted for the unit after shutdown, and 239 glass curtain wall shall be used to record the operation (work diary)

in case of electric shock, the power switch shall be cut off quickly, or the power supply shall be cut off or disconnected from the power supply quickly with insulating tools Then carry out rescue and ask a doctor to come to the scene for rescue In case of flood of electrical equipment, relevant power supply shall be cut off immediately. The core of its products is 3-yuan and multi-element composite materials and modified lithium manganate, which shall be reported to the local power supply station, and then the fire shall be put out Dry fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, etc. shall be used for fire fighting of live equipment. Water is not allowed

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