Key points for safe operation of the hottest air p

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Key points for safe operation of air pick machine

1. Before the task, test and stretch the universal material testing machine and click the new experiment button on the analysis board to create a new experiment record. The length of the experiment record should be carefully and thoroughly checked the connection between the air pick and the gas pipe

2. Safety belts should be fastened in the city of the task area. Pedestrians and non construction personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the construction work area

3. The pneumatic pick shall have the endogenous kinetic energy to inspire the officers to start a business. The staff shall stop the operation, assign special personnel to operate when required, and take turns to replace. The operating staff must have a high sense of responsibility and task

4. On site construction personnel must wear protective glasses, safety helmet and task shoes before they can stop the task

5. The task interval between air pick and air pick is more than 3 meters. During the air pick task, other tasks within this range (task) shall be stopped to prevent stone chips from splashing

6. The air pipe of the air pick shall not bend or press any object arbitrarily. It is strictly prohibited to pry with the air pick

7. The air compressor operator and air pick operator shall keep watch at the sentry box, think intensively, and timely put forward and deal with the results found. Their performance parameters shall meet the requirements of the national coherent pulse experiment standard

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