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Key parts and components of construction machinery or re support

Guide: key parts and components of construction machinery or re support will accelerate the localization of wind turbine booster bearings, large hydro generator ball valves, nuclear power special fasteners, etc.

crawler cranes independently designed, developed and manufactured by SANY will participate in the rescue of mine disasters in Chile

on November 29, it was learned from China Construction Machinery Industry Association that two sets of supporting policy plans for key parts of construction machinery have been submitted to the Ministry of industry and information technology. It is reported that the two support schemes will be divided by 20MPa, and different support policies will be adopted for parts above and below 20MPa. (Note: MPa refers to the working pressure that construction machinery parts can withstand.) If this plan is adopted, it will not only help accelerate the localization process of key parts, but also vigorously promote the development of the energy equipment industry

developing key parts and components becomes an important strategy

suzimeng, Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said that in the next five years, China's construction machinery industry will take structural adjustment and development mode transformation as the main line, and implement the adjustment, transformation, innovation and upgrading strategy. The development of key components is a major component of the strategy

previously, the implementation plan for the revitalization of the mechanical basic parts industry issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology clearly stated that it is necessary to accelerate the pace of breaking through the bottleneck of the development of key parts and components, and constantly meet the needs of the development of equipment in various fields and strategic emerging industries. Through three years' efforts, the manufacturing level of China's basic mechanical parts has been significantly improved, the ability of independent innovation has been greatly improved, the situation of unreasonable industrial structure has been improved, and the passive situation of the seriously lagging development of the basic parts industry has been gradually reversed

China's construction machinery industry has achieved rapid development in the past 10 years. 2 we know that the national standards for high temperature tensile tests all stipulate that the output value of the whole industry for rib used for round samples is expected to exceed 400billion yuan in 2010. According to the industry plan, by 2015, the output value of the construction machinery industry is conservatively estimated to exceed 900billion yuan. However, the further development of China's construction machinery industry is restricted by key components. The basic parts can not meet the requirements of the main engine, which has become a bottleneck restricting the development of major equipment in China. At present, most of the key components including hydraulic parts and transmission systems need to be imported from abroad, which leads to high production costs and lack of international competitiveness of domestic complete machine enterprises

According to wangxiaolin, a researcher at Beijing Jiahua Consulting Co., Ltd., since the 1990s, the construction machinery manufacturing industry has shown two major development trends: first, transnational mergers and acquisitions and joint development have accelerated; Second, specialized production and global procurement of spare parts. Wangxiaolin believes that it is not surprising for a single enterprise to purchase key parts separately, but for the whole industry, if key parts cannot be self-sufficient, it will undoubtedly lose the voice of the market and the initiative of development, and made in China will become Chinese assembly

it is understood that XCMG group, a leading enterprise in China's machinery industry, has obvious advantages in terms of main engines, but many parts of export products still rely on imports. As the domestic construction machinery industry has not mastered the core technology of key components, the cost of components accounts for about 30% of the export price

according to the introduction of Sany Heavy Industry technicians, compared with the international advanced level, the average technical level gap of China's construction machinery products is about 15 years, which is mainly reflected in the product reliability, service life, appearance quality and information technology level. These gaps are mainly reflected in the technical level of basic components

a person in charge of Zoomlion also disclosed that in order to obtain relevant parts, some enterprises had to send special purchasing personnel to wait in the factories of foreign suppliers; In order to reduce the loss of lost time, some enterprises often transport raw materials by air, which greatly increases the cost; Some enterprises have to readjust the production schedule and plan due to the lack of relevant parts and components, which makes it difficult to complete the order production. There is a broad space for development in the home decoration industry

it is learned from the China Construction Machinery Industry Association that China's construction machinery parts manufacturing enterprises have grown to thousands, but most of the product technologies, including rich energy-saving schemes developed from various angles, are low and cannot enter the mainstream market of key components. The key components of high-end technical products of construction machinery are all from international enterprises. Since the financial crisis, due to the rise of trade protectionism, these companies' control over the supporting needs of China's main engine manufacturing enterprises has become a constraint on the development of China's construction machinery industry

it is understood that there are two main reasons for the low technical level of parts and components in the domestic construction machinery industry: first, the manufacturers of parts and components are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, lacking enterprise groups with independent intellectual property rights, prominent main businesses and strong core competitiveness; Second, the main engine manufacturers do not pay enough attention to the production and R & D of supporting parts, and most enterprises focus on the development and production of main engines

Maozhongwen, Deputy Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, believes that the biggest gap between Chinese parts enterprises and international well-known companies lies in basic technology, R & D talents, experimental means, enterprise development concept, etc. At the stage of product development, international well-known enterprises can not only master the matching requirements with host products, but also invest a lot of money in each new product development, conduct hundreds of thousands to millions of assessment tests, and carry out refined management and production in terms of product reliability. On the contrary, domestic enterprises are all imitative operation, lack of technical theory research, lack of research on front-end technologies such as raw materials and blanks, and lack of matching test and assessment means. Therefore, this gap is not an order of magnitude

wangxiaolin suggested that local host enterprises and supporting enterprises should establish long-term strategic partnership. The main engine enterprise group will invest capital and technical support to the basic parts enterprises to enhance the production capacity of supporting enterprises. Under the guidance and support of policies, several large-scale basic parts and components enterprise groups were established through asset restructuring or mergers and acquisitions to enhance market development and new product R & D capabilities

it is reported that at present, XCMG machinery, Liugong, Zoomlion and other well-known leading domestic construction machinery enterprises have begun to increase the research and development of parts. Construction Machinery Industry Association and other industrial organizations also intend to let several major complete machine enterprises take the lead in establishing technology alliances to tackle key technical problems of key components

in addition, the support of national competent departments for parts and components has been significantly enhanced recently. According to the latest documents of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the booster bearing, generator bearing and main shaft bearing, gear transmission device, hydraulic servo system and sealing system for yaw and pitch of wind turbines above 1.5 MW, large-scale high-strength fasteners for wind power towers, blade forming dies and large-scale precision stamping dies for motor stator and rotor parts; Sealing system for ball valve, runner blade and servomotor of large hydraulic generator; The secondary pump bearings of nuclear power plants, the new three-stage sealing devices of nuclear power main pumps, and high reliability nuclear power special fasteners will be given priority support in the future

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