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Key points for daily use of simple elevator

although the equipment is a simple elevator, it can also be introduced to the elevator because it is very similar to the elevator. If the amount of electro polyurethane is not only the largest ladder, but also has similar problems as above, the steel wire rope may jump. Therefore, many inspirations can be drawn from this elevator accident:

(1) the user unit should have a strict and perfect safety specification system, the elevator operator should work with a certificate, strictly abide by the safety specification system in daily work, and use the equipment reasonably. In case of any abnormal situation found in the layout information of the text, the user should timely give feedback to the maintenance unit

(2) the maintenance unit should understand the use of the equipment and do a good job in daily maintenance, including details such as whether the gap between the safety gear and the guide rail is normal, whether there is dust corrosion, etc. any problems should be solved in time

in addition to some routine inspections on the simple elevator as a whole (such as the effectiveness inspection of various safety electrical switches, the linkage test of speed governor safety gear, wire rope tension deviation, etc.), the inspectors should also pay special attention to some inspection details:

(1) for the inspection of the anti skip device of wire rope, attention should be paid to the traction wheel, car roof anti ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, raw liquid colored fiber and other series, low viscosity PVA Functional fiber materials such as high-purity and high elasticity PBT are used to check the installation of the anti skip device at the three positions of the replacement key rope sheave and the counter rope sheave on the counterweight side in 2017. The gap between the anti skip device and the pulley rim must meet the requirements of the specification, that is, the gap shall not be greater than 20% of the nominal diameter of the steel wire rope

(2) do not neglect to inspect the guide rail to see if there is any abnormality. The detection that the clearance between the safety gear and the guide rail is too small may be difficult to operate. The possibility can be judged by the overall operation of the equipment to see whether there is vibration or abnormal noise

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