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Key points for safety control of temporary power utilization

1. General regulations on site power utilization

(1) on duty and maintenance electricians on site shall be responsible for commanding the normal operation of electrical equipment and lines within their respective responsibilities

(2) in the power utilization project, the line, equipment, device and maintenance must be completed by the licensed electrician, and the electrician grade should be consistent with the engineering technical requirements

(3) the electrical measures on the construction site must meet the following requirements:

① all places that can touch or close to the electrified body shall adopt reliable insulation and screen protection or ensure safe separation; ② The type selection of various conductors shall strictly guarantee the specified load flow, and the installation and laying shall be safe; ③ The task function and insulation strength of all electrical equipment shall be in perfect condition and within the protection range of the protective device of the discharge device; ④ The primary (or risk) part of the site shall be marked with target electrical safety

(4) live work is not allowed at the construction site

(5) all power distribution lines and lighting lines shall not be directly erected on the protective carved fence or construction hanging blue. Take care of the isolation method

(6) when setting the power line, the power line should be overhead. The aisle must be protected by threading pipes. It is not allowed to pull or connect randomly. The power line should be prevented from rolling over

(7) in case of power discharge and fire, cut off the power supply first, and use carbon tetrachloride or dry powder fire extinguishers to prevent water or other liquid fire extinguishers from pouring

(8) in case of personal electric shock, the power supply shall be cut off immediately, and then the rescue and rescue shall be stopped by artificial respiration and chest abdomen extrusion. However, before the power supply is cut off, contact with the person who gets an electric shock shall be prevented to prevent electric shock from occurring again

(9) various mechanical electrical equipment must be equipped with grounding and neutral protection methods. The grounding resistance shall not be greater than 10 ohms, but it is not allowed to be grounded and neutral at the same time on a power supply system

(10) all electrical equipment shall be protected by the secondary discharge switch. The wires shall be intact and the sockets shall be intact. It is strictly forbidden to pull the wires out of the sockets without removing the plugs

(11) all kinds of electrical devices should be well managed and used. They should be maintained, checked and oiled frequently. It is strictly forbidden to operate machinery with faults. All kinds of protective covers should be intact

(12) sufficient lighting shall be provided for night work and protected by secondary power discharge. The lamps shall be overhead or firmly supported, and shall not be less than 2m from the task surface. It is not allowed to move the power and lighting at will

2. Safety requirements for distribution box

(1) power and lighting shall be separated

(2) the manufacturing device of distribution box and switch box shall meet the following requirements:

① distribution box shall be made of fireproof insulation materials to achieve ventilation, heat dissipation, rainproof and fire prevention; ② Various electrical appliances in the box shall be installed on metal or other insulating plates (not wooden plates) and fastened in the box. The metal base plate shall be electrically connected with the box; ③ The metal shell and base of the normally uncharged box must be connected to neutral (ground). Each electrical connection line shall be able to conduct powerful data analysis and processing; The electro-hydraulic proportional microcomputer control system and microcomputer automatic control microcomputer display are adopted. The discussion is reliable and the nearest exposure is not allowed; ④ Rubber insulated cables must be used for incoming and outgoing lines. The incoming and outgoing lines shall be set at the lower end face of the box, and a protective ring shall be added. The incoming (outgoing) lines shall be provided with waterproof bends and shall not accept external forces

(3) the discharge protector shall be used in strict accordance with the product statement, and the experiment shall be stopped and the good luck shall be recorded on schedule. For those that have been idle for a long time and have been used continuously for more than one month, the experiment shall be checked and they can be used before they are qualified

(4) each electric equipment shall have a common switch, which must implement "one machine with one leakage", and it is strictly prohibited to use one leakage for multiple purposes

(5) the distribution boxes at all levels shall be assigned by special personnel, and the tasks of regular inspection, maintenance and cleaning shall be well done

(6) when the inspection and maintenance of the distribution box are stopped, the power switch corresponding to the previous level must be disconnected, and the eye-catching "power failure inspection" tag must be hung

3. Enron requires that the characteristics of construction in rainy season should be contacted, and the rainproof functions of the on-site distribution box, solid machinery and switch box rainproof and anti smashing shed should be seriously checked. It must be ensured that some tension testing machine screw rods in the market are excellent in rainproof with T-shaped ordinary screw rods, and those that do not meet the requirements should be rectified immediately according to the standards. The electrician on duty shall strengthen the patrol inspection on the site, and various power boxes and mechanical equipment on the construction site must be provided with rain proof measures at any time. In case of despicable climate (wind, rainstorm, hail, etc.), special patrol inspection shall be stopped for the electrical equipment on site. All kinds of discharge protectors shall be tested at least once a week as required. It must be ensured that their actions are flexible, effective and reliable, and the experiment records must be made. The electrician on duty must strictly abide by the task sentry box, not take off or miss the post, and must strictly comply with the Enron technical operation procedures. Before the task, he must wear personal protective equipment and make sure that the rain 3 The movement of the float in the oil tank of the oil quantity sensor shall be flexible and provide electricity safely during the construction task

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