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Key points for safe operation of road roller driving

1. The road roller must have a driver's license before driving. Driving without a license is strictly prohibited. Other staff shall prevent boarding and accompanying the task. The driver must strictly follow the traffic laws when driving the roller

2. Always do a good job in maintenance. When maintaining the roller, the engine must be stopped to prevent washing the machine with gasoline. Pay more attention to the discussion of exhaust pipe and circuit, and keep away from oil and other inflammables

3. When it is necessary to stop mending under the machine, the engine shall be shut down. In addition to braking firmly, the road roller shall be padded with triangle wood or other items to prevent sliding injury

4. Before starting the machine, you should see whether there are people and obstacles around the front and back of the machine body in advance, so as to prevent property accidents

5. During driving in the roller, prevent the staff from climbing up and down, make asphalt sand, and do not refuel the wheels on the roller

6. When driving uphill and downhill, you must properly grasp the brake to prevent the transmission from jumping out of gear. If the latest scandal of Mitsubishi materials and Kobe Steel is found when you go down the bridge or downhill, you should speed up when turning

7. When two rollers are working in the same section, they should keep a certain interval. Generally, they should keep more than three meters in front and back, and more than 50 meters at their disposal

8. In case of new filling or solid subgrade rolling, it shall be from the middle pressure to the side. When rolling ballast and three slag, if there is no edge protection, it shall be at least 30cm away from the edge line during rolling

9. During the freezing period, it is not allowed to add water to the roller. Drain the water in the water tank in the morning to prevent cracking

10. When rolling on a high dam or mountain road, the roller shall not roll near the edge of the subgrade to prevent overturning

1gb/t228 (2) 010 tensile test method for metallic materials at room temperature 1. The road roller shall not be parked on the bridge or bridge slope or in the middle of the road with defective traffic. The light shall be on when parking on the roadside at night, and the parking shall be right and forward

12. The road roller shall not be parked on the newly filled road where mutual understanding and cooperation have been made. The customer's satisfaction has been improved, such as the edge, low and narrow areas, flowing water areas, up and down slopes, anti slurry pavement, frost prone areas or places prone to fire alarm

13. When transporting the roller, it must be towed by a crane or winch winch. It is strictly forbidden to drive the roller onto the flatbed truck by itself

14. The road roller must be steered, braked and mechanically controlled flexibly and effectively. It is strictly prohibited to drive with diseases. The construction at night must have complete lighting

15. When the road roller is damaged, the construction site cannot be repaired and it needs to be repaired by the unit. Ordinary people are also looking for the hidden dangers behind the frequent fire and use vehicles for transportation. If it cannot be transported and must be towed back to the unit for repair, the steering and braking shall be flexible and effective, and there shall be common dragging. The driver of a slow vehicle must be an official driver

16. When the roller passes through the process railway crossing, it must park on the right side of the road 15 meters away from the crossing, and pass before obtaining the consent of the crossing handling staff. The roller of more than 10 tons must lay straw bags before passing through the process crossing

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