Key points and measures for safety and quality con

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Key points and measures of safety and quality control

no employee is killed due to work, the serious injury rate is controlled below 0, and the lottery hanging frequency is controlled below 6 ‰

2 project quality control

quality control objectives of the project:

appropriate design requirements, and the qualification rate of subdivisional works under construction is 100%; The comprehensive score of handover acceptance quality is more than 90 points, and the completion acceptance reaches the good grade

3 civilized construction control

strictly follow the relevant provisions of the regulations on safe production and civilized construction management of highway engineering, follow the international standards for project management, and implement standardized management. Complete "three noes and one establishment". Three noes: no pollution in construction, no praise from local villagers, and no warning from local relevant departments; I. establishment: establish local civilized construction standard construction site

4 measures for identification and control of serious risk sources in the construction of the project (1) key points of safety control at the station

because the project department has built a color steel room with steel frame layout, it is easy to conduct electricity and catch fire. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious in the process of wire installation. The lines should be clear. The wires passing through the wall must be threaded to prevent short circuit. Prepare fire-fighting measures along the corridor and beside the house to prevent accidents

(2) key points of safety control at the construction site

1) basement and main body construction: tower crane construction is adopted for the basement and main works of the project. The tower crane must be designed and constructed in a special way, which is basically built on the gravel with the foundation bearing capacity meeting the design bearing capacity. The tower crane device must be implemented by a unit with special equipment and talent, and can be used before passing the acceptance of the special inspection institute, Therefore, electricity is a kind of experimental machine with good performance. Operators of ladder and tower crane must work with certificates and be specially assigned. The tower crane device shall be implemented in strict accordance with the special construction scheme. The tower crane must be equipped with a connecting rod. The lifting operation must strictly comply with the comprehensive inspection before lifting - maxxam sy:1 halogen-free polypropylene copolymer rail system. The lifting points, wire ropes, equipment, surrounding environment, etc. shall be carefully inspected, and the instructions shall be stopped by the professional staff who have received professional training and hold the rope operation certificate. The formwork device must be stable, and the connecting bolts between the increase of formwork D. condition test (concave convex temperature test) must be installed in place

2) fall prevention for main body and outer shelf aerial work: set up protective measures for aerial work, such as protection. Schoolworkers must wear anti-skid shoes and wear safety belts. It is strictly prohibited to throw objects at random. It is strictly prohibited to stop aerial work for those who are not physically fit, such as high blood pressure

3) construction of unloading platform: strictly follow the special construction scheme. In addition, when stacking data, follow the limit provided by the safety and quality department

4) construction of steam pump and ground pump: the concrete pouring of this project adopts the construction of steam pump and ground pump. Before the work, the leveling and rolling of the garden should be stopped. The transportation of concrete tanker should be considered to facilitate the falling of the head. The location of steam pump and ground pump should be selected at the place that can meet the concrete pouring position, so as to prevent the secondary pump displacement as much as possible

5) for the special equipment involved in the project, the project department asks professionals to stop Enron training for construction personnel, strengthen the handling of special equipment, do a good job in maintenance, inspection, filing, staff handling and other tasks, focus on monitoring during the construction process, and assign special personnel to monitor the implementation of Enron measures to ensure the safety of construction

6) implement Enron education for all staff, stop emergency training for air operators, strengthen Enron inspection frequency, and strictly follow the construction of design and technical disclosure

(3) expound the key points of project quality control

1) as the key point of project control, measurement must strictly implement the measurement double inspection and drawing review system, follow the design, construction scheme and technical disclosure, and strengthen the control of construction process. Style item measurement management style

2) beams, columns and slabs must be covered with water. During construction in summer, antifreeze and water reducing agent shall be used to cover the concrete with geotextile to ensure the strength of the concrete of beams, columns and slabs to achieve the results of solid inside and beautiful outside

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