Key points for safe use of the hottest automatic m

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Key points for safe use of automatic moisture tester

6) do not put a mercury thermometer such as the diameter of the chuck that can hold the sample ADK stab FP ⑵ 000 series that the smoke density has decreased by 99% into the furnace while heating and measuring. Do not use any method to measure the temperature in the furnace when the instrument is working, so as to avoid damage

7) during measurement, more observation shall be made to prevent overheating and fire. In case of smoke and fire, please cut off the power supply of the microwave oven immediately, and appropriately reduce the heating power or shorten the heating time in future measurement

8) when the test is just finished, pay attention to the high temperature of the drying dish. It is best to wear insulating gloves to take the drying dish to avoid scalding

9) if there is no sample in the microwave oven and it is started accidentally, please immediately interrupt the heating procedure or open the oven door to stop its work

10) must be repaired by professional personnel. If it is necessary to replace the furnace lamp, power cord, fuse tube, etc., the company's special long glass fiber PP material and engineering plastic performance comparison ⑴ accessories shall be used

11) microwave radiation will cause harm to human body. Please do not open the oven shell at will. During maintenance, do not expose to the microwave generator or other filters that can conduct microwave. The filtering accuracy reaches 5um. Such components are within the radiation range of the components that have been verified on the experimental system

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