Key points for maintenance of fire and gas pump

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Air pump is a kind of auxiliary equipment commonly used in printing and binding machinery, and plays an essential role in printing and folding machinery. Therefore, the maintenance of air pump is an effective guarantee to improve production efficiency and product quality

since the blades of the air pump and the pump body are in a state of mutual friction during operation, the temperature of the pump body can reach about 60 ℃ under normal working conditions. In high temperature summer, the working temperature of the pump body can reach more than 100 ℃, which is easier to aggravate the wear of components. Regular maintenance shall be carried out at ordinary times to avoid repairing or replacing the air pump when the air pump is damaged so that it cannot be used, so as to improve the service performance and service life of the air pump and reduce economic losses. According to the characteristics of the air pump, the author believes that the following problems should be paid attention to at ordinary times:

 the air pump should be placed in a clean, cool and well ventilated place, and attention should be paid to avoid adsorption of printing powder and affecting the normal lubrication. In addition, the pump body shall be placed stably and firmly without inclination or vibration

 various air pumps shall be lubricated on schedule according to their respective performance. For example, ZYB type air pump needs to add oil or replace it with new oil in a timely manner for the conical oil pump with the inner sample hole of 1:7; QB air pump uses oil cup to inject lubricating oil; Piston and curved blade centrifugal air pumps shall be filled with lubricating oil to prevent the pump body from seizing with the blade

 since the pump body works under high temperature for a long time, the bearing must be lubricated with high temperature resistant grease (above 150 ℃)

 filter or filter shall be removed and cleaned every other month to keep the pump clean, prevent blockage and ensure the stability of air pump performance

 the air pump with oil-gas separator shall be disassembled and cleaned at least once every six months to ensure the cleanness of separator filter

 the cooling system should be cleaned once every six months. During cleaning, the cover can be removed to remove the dirt. For those that cannot be removed properly, they can be blown clean with compressed air when the air pump is running

 when the sliding plate is worn or broken and needs to be replaced, the new sliding plate must be chamfered, and the beveled edge must face the outer opening of the rotor groove, with the direction consistent with the outer diameter arc of the rotor

 if the pump body has been reassembled and adjusted, the screws at both ends of the rotor must be tightened, otherwise the journal matched between the rotor and the bearing is prone to serious wear

 after the pump body is installed on the base, the rotor shaft must be kept on the same axis with the motor shaft to avoid increasing the wear of the coupling rubber block. During installation, it should also be noted that the coupling at both ends should have a gap of about 1mm

 zfb-60 self lubricating air pump must keep the air holes clean, In order to ensure a detailed understanding of the lubrication and oil circuit of the rotor shaft blades, andreheim, the 2010 Nobel Prize winner in physics, is one of the discoverers of graphene "For many people, graphene is just like Alice in Wonderland 1. When the oil pump is filled with new oil, the oil volume should not be higher than the horizontal line of the oil mirror index, otherwise the excess oil will easily overflow from the vent hole of the oil plug, and the oil injection will also occur at the blowing part, causing the product to be contaminated.

source: Printed world author: Kang qilai on the current situation of China's plastic industry

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