10 square meters design considerations small house

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In the era of "an inch of land and an inch of gold", dwelling has become a very popular way of living nowadays. Many people may think that small houses can't fit the feeling of atmosphere because of their narrow space. It is difficult to make it both practical and beautiful in design

in fact, small houses will also have spring. As long as you master the pattern, you can also install personalized fashion, which will make you feel warm and comfortable as soon as you go home. Next, Xiaobian will introduce how to make a large space of 10 square meters. We can refer to these steps and patterns to find the effect suitable for ourselves

1. Use small household products. For example, various storage baskets are a good choice. You can put some small items into the exquisite storage basket and hide them under the bed

2. Do not dismantle or change the structure without authorization. The structure of small houses is generally complex. No matter how the structure is, many people blindly dismantle the bearing walls, air ducts and flues, or make changes in drainage, electricity and gas. In this way, cracks are easy to occur at the light, and it will affect the load-bearing structure of the whole building and shorten the service life

3. The configuration of household appliances should be perfect. Whether the decoration of small houses is perfect depends on whether the selection of household appliances can improve the quality of life. As an indispensable item in home, home appliances have become an important symbol to measure the level of home modernization

4. Use mirrors to create illusions. The mirror has “ Deceptive ”, Visually “ Increase ” Space

5. The arrangement of strong and weak current should be comprehensive. Small apartment space is small, but “ The five internal organs are complete ”, The residents are mainly young people, who are highly dependent on computer networks and have a casual lifestyle. Therefore, small houses have high requirements for circuit layout. When decorating, we should fully consider all kinds of use needs, rather more than less, to avoid the embarrassment of insufficient interfaces when furniture and pattern changes in the later stage

6. Install shelves on the wall. Try installing shelves on the wall, which can not only store daily necessities, but also make the space lively

7. Yes “ Add ” Yes “ Minus ” Only practical. Space conditions are limited, so we should understand “ Add and subtract ”, The effect will be excellent. For example, the overall decoration should be simple, and “ Subtraction ”, However, in the matching of lighting, we should pay more attention to the combination of spotlights, floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps and other lamps

8. Make full use of the height drop. Although it is a small room type, it is also a beautiful thing to have a loft like high space. You can divide the space into two parts and enjoy the interest of a castle in the air

9. Furniture should be light and smart. The style and size of furniture directly affect people's space feeling. Furniture with simple shape, light texture and small size, especially those that can be combined, disassembled and stored at will, is more suitable for small house types. Another principle of placing furniture in small family rooms is to develop vertically as much as possible. For example, choose a high bed, and the elevated bed is a good storage space

10. The color should be expansive. For small family rooms, light colors and intermediate colors are generally selected as the keynote of furniture, bedding, sofa, curtain, etc. These colors can make the room feel fresh, bright and spacious

11. Exquisite product lighting space design. Narrow space and exquisite items will enhance the overall texture and beauty

12. Make good use of lockers and interesting decorations. Make full use of the available space, and the lockers will also make the narrow space orderly. In addition, lines can be used to increase the sense of space visually

conclusion: the above introduces the 10 square meter design scheme, hoping to help you. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the information platform. More wonderful content will be presented for you in the follow-up




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