Mistakes in coating purchase

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People have increasingly higher requirements for environmentally friendly coatings. Previously, a kind of drinkable coatings set off an upsurge of environmentally friendly coatings. Some manufacturers began to introduce coatings with high environmental protection and high performance. When consumers buy, they will be more or less influenced by some publicity and even misled. Here is a look at the misunderstandings in the purchase of coatings

VOC in paint refers to the total amount of organic compounds, which are the main components of paint film formation, can enhance a certain paint viscosity and also play the role of hanging the wall. Therefore, the content of VOC cannot be too low. Many consumers are misled to choose 0voc paint, so the viscosity of the paint will be very low, and it is easy to appear the phenomenon of powder falling or even cracking and foaming after being applied for a period of time

many businesses will publicize that the paint produced needs to have good self-cleaning function. In addition, it can withstand many times of scrubbing. Self cleaning is not what we think of as a self-cleaning function. Self cleaning is mostly used in exterior wall coatings. It is the dirt resistance of the coating itself, that is, this kind of coating is not easy to be stained with lime soil during processing. If there is rain, the dirt can also be washed off to achieve the effect of self-cleaning. If it is interior wall coating, it needs to be scrubbed manually

it is necessary to distinguish the crack prevention of paint from the covering of fine cracks. You should know that if the wall cracks, the paint will also crack. There is also a certain thickness of elastic paint on the market, but this kind of paint is mostly used for external walls. If it is used indoors, the cost will be very high. General families should not blindly demand high-cost elastic coatings

when purchasing paint, it is necessary to look at the test report, so as to make some general and comprehensive analysis of the paint, and at the same time, pay attention to the alkali resistance of the paint





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