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Needless to say, there are health and environmental protection issues that cannot be ignored. For consumers, what can we do to minimize potential health hazards during decoration? Experts remind that there are several taboos to pay attention to in decoration. Mastering some common sense can make your home life more environmentally friendly

● avoid “ Fragrance &rdquo

the harm of improper selection of coatings is that they contain volatile organic compounds such as benzene and heavy metals. There are some fake and inferior “ Purification ” Products, by adding a lot of essence to remove odor, can not actually eliminate harmful substances. It's not good to smell smelly and pungent. Stir it gently with a stick. After picking up the stick, the paint stays on the stick for a long time and covers it evenly, which indicates that the quality is good

● avoid using one kind of floor

generally there are many types of wood-based panels, composite boards and floor tiles, and a single use may lead to a certain harmful substance exceeding the standard. For example, although solid wood flooring is the most environmentally friendly, there is paint, which may cause benzene pollution; The composite floor contains formaldehyde, and it is easy to exceed the standard only with this kind of formaldehyde. It is suggested that the living room should be paved with tiles, and the bedroom and study should use solid wood floors, which is the most beneficial to health

● avoid using one color for wallpaper

improper color for wallpaper will also cause health problems. Gold is easy to reflect light, which is harmful to eyes; Orange affects sleep quality and should not be used in the bedroom, but it can induce appetite and decorate the restaurant; Yellow slows down the speed of thinking and should not be used in the study; Blue can be used in the bathroom to increase the sense of mystery and privacy; Black is too heavy, pink will feel irritable for a long time, so large-scale use should be avoided. Various colors should be matched with each other, and it is best not to use only one color




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