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For the good fortune of their families, many people are no longer limited to living comfortably when decorating their houses, but increasingly begin to consider the layout design of houses in combination with Feng Shui factors. Let's take you to know what Feng Shui matters need our attention when decorating

according to the Chinese traditional "Feng Shui" theory, the position of doors and windows is crucial in the house, because they are the main channel for ventilation between the house and the outside world. It can not only block and reduce the adverse stimulation of the outside world, but also excrete the indoor pollution and turbidity, and play a role in maintaining the relative stability of the living space. Therefore, when indoor decoration, first of all, the door should not be opened much; Secondly, doors cannot be in the same straight line between them, so as to avoid the fluctuation of room temperature caused by too fast and too large air flow. This is the famous theory of "storing wind and gathering gas" in "Feng Shui"

traditional Chinese medicine believes that "wind is the root of all diseases". Wind energy dissipates people's energy, weakens Wei Qi, and causes disorders in body temperature regulation. In order to keep the indoor air circulation fresh and protect the body by hiding the wind, it is generally possible to set "porch" screens at the door, or cross the doors and windows to form the so-called "winding path leading to seclusion" trend, so as to slow down the wind speed and wind force

according to the "Feng Shui" theory, the bathroom is a dirty and humid place, which cannot be directly opposite the door and in the position of the air outlet. Even now, it seems that it is very in line with the requirements of environmental sanitation. However, in order to be comfortable and comfortable, modern people often choose some houses with multiple sets of sanitary facilities when buying houses, especially one of which is mostly connected to the master bedroom. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the decoration. In addition to the fact that the door of the bathroom should not be directly facing the bedroom and has good sealing performance, and must be kept a large distance from the bed, the bathroom should be equipped with a special air and water drainage device, Ultraviolet ray disinfects the lamps to keep the bathroom dry and clean

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