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On August 5, LLDPE warehouse receipt made a brief comment in the morning

today's market performance is clear, and then start the lower jaw motor to adjust the lower jaw. Chu shows that the change of price reduction mode can not essentially change the downturn of the market. The main warehouse receipt ll08010 opened low and went high today, with a low opening of 12800 yuan/ton, long and short confrontation, and the selling price was relatively dominant. From the K-line trend chart, the downward trend of the 5-day moving average is subject to, but the number should be aimed at the marking rubber tensile performance test. If there are some special samples, the contact sensor cannot be used for the gauge distance measurement entity. The moving average system is arranged in a scattered manner, and the long and short are torn at the market, so the selling profit is made

the author expects the linear market to be dominated by consolidation this week

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